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New Media and Web Development at BCIT

One year pass, I will completed New Media & Web Development next week. In my memories, that’s very good experience with happy and upset. I am glad to meet the new friends and nice instructors in this program. I remember in the first term I realized what’s “pressure” and “busy”. I get around 10 courses in the first term, 8 courses in the second term, how can you imagine that I finish almost 30 courses in one year, but, it also is my best experience in my life. I learn a lot from different courses, such as video filming and editing, graphic design with photoshop and illustrator, and motion graphic with after effect. I never learn this much skills in one year. Even though, it is tough and tired, i enjoy in learning the design skills everyday in this program.

During the program, I got the knowledge, skill, and experience for job in the future. I know my skill is not enough, but at least this program gives me a opportunity to learn the skill that other people do not have.

For me, this program gives me a chance to find a better job in the future. The program will be complete in week. I want to thank every instructor and  classmates in this program, because I do learn a lot from here.

Thanks again,

keep in touch


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Industry Night~

Time is flying. we spend a year to improve our knowledge and skills. What are we expect for??

“Industry Night” why?? It is the day to shows the result from us, everyone need to show their portfolio work to people.

This year, the theme of New Media & Web development is “Creative juice”. because it sounds “fresh”, “colorful”, and “juicy”.

Also, I am in layout committee, helping to decorate the scene of industry night. we have many ideas pop-up from our head,

but need more detail to consider and manage our schedule to achieve our goal.

I hope this time in industry night, we can have different style than last year.

Please do come our industry night, we will give you a surprise

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Portfolio website is done!!

finally, after couple months, my own portfolio website almost done 98%. i feel great that i pass though the struggle time.

let’s introduce a little bit about my website.


  • Use dark color as background.
  • No border to limit the content and provide wide range view to audience to see the infomation in my website.
  • Clear and simple


  • Global navigation on the top of page
  • Local navigation in the right side
  • Easy to find where you want to go

Video page:

  • List all of video and motion graphic portfolio I have
  • Short project description aside
  • Easy to go back to top of page, no need to scroll the page
  • Use Vimeo to present my high quality video pieces.

Graphic design page:

  • Portfolio thumbnail
  • Use lightbox to enlarge the portfolioi image
  • Short description aside

Contact page:

  • Use php contact form
  • Easy to collect enough information I need
  • Get email from customer right away.

Okay, that’s my basic introduction about my website

welcome to visit my website:

I’m appreciate  for any comment and suggestion in my website

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Do you want some “Popcorn” ? Robot via-Twitter

Do you like popcorn during the movie time? Robot can do it…not enought, how about you use twitter to order it?

Now, you can achieve it if you spend $1649 software-ready robot.

All you need is 12V rechargeable batter, autofocus webcam, and sonar system. But the most cool thing is, you can take popcorn orders via-twitter, timed to deliver the goods when the operator arrives home from work

The robot that arrives with native support for a plethora of languages and tools,such as C++, Flash, Java…etc. And the robot not only know how to make a popcorn, it also can has motion, heat and humidity sensors, and servo-driven grabbing actuators.

Is it useful?

let’s see the video, you will know how cool it is.

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Job Research – Raised Eyebrow studio is hiring Junior web designer~~

yesterday, I just looking for a career in, and I find out there is a company is hiring the junior web designer now. No needs very high-standard requirements for this position and work experiences.

I think this is very good opportunity to improve my work experiences and skills, otherwise this is hard to find a good position for junior web designer in Vancouver.

Raised Eyebrow hope to helps people to achieve their goal and focus to work on project in the non-profit, government, and business sector. What? non-profit? That’s interesting

Rasied Eyebrow also offer the past/full time position with flexible schedule to management my time and salaried position with benefits package(medical, dental and profit-sharing bonus structure). Isn’t it good?

But, as a website designer, most important is improving skills and experience.

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Presentation experiences

Last night, I have a presentation experiences  for my practicum company.

I pretend my supervisor is client who doesn’t  know to build the website ,and I need to help him to build his portfolio website.

I try to ask him couple questions in the beginning of presentation. what does he need ?, what kind of portfolio he has ?, or what does he want to present his work in the website ?.

first, I must to know some information about him, and follow his needs to gives him some advices and suggestion.

also, show him at least 10 websites to let him choose what kind of website he want to has.

After 20 minutes presentation. I do my best to communicate with him and make sure I get information I need. I think this is a very good experience to learn how to approach clients and how to communicate with client.

seriously, this presentation is not look like what I respect. Because the client always asks questions that I am not ready to answer. Therefore, I need to prepare completely to face to client and answer all of questions as I can.

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Samsung got a projector on the phone??

Tonite, I just read the technology news, i find out something interesting.

“Samsung show hands-on and video”, this topic  attract me to click in to check it out:

it packs a projector does increase the bulkiness of the phone as far as looks are concerned, the phone is still rather small and light. it show project image from anywhere 5 to 50 inch with 480 x 320 resolution.

i can imagine in the future, people MUST to do the presentation with projector in conference room anymore. Technology bring us to next level of stage and makes our life more convenience. we can not ignore technology growing everyday, but we can improve it better every single day.

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Cloud Computing

Today, in Trendsetter class, our group members and me are discuss our presentation topic, which is “Cloud Computing”.

Cloud computing is internet based development and use of computer technology, whereby dynamically scalable virtualised resources are provided as a service over the internet, which means the users don’t have knowledge, expertise, or control over the technology infrastructure. All you need is connecting to the internet and doing document “in the cloud”. No matter where you are, you can edit the document everywhere in the world.

In the future, I think we don’t need software anymore, we only need the interface and internet.

let’s see the video:

If you want to play around cloud computing,

check this website: or

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This week, I apply a web design company for my practicum. During the interview, I found out the difference between school and reality.

What’s different?


– Most of knowledge I learn in school just like a training class, and I learn the presentation skills and self-introduction skills in this class.

– I don’t have many presures when doing presentation in class, because the audiences are my classmate.


– I am very nervous in the interview with someone I never met before.

– I never know what questions will be ask during the interview.

– I am scared that I can not completely answer all of questions.


After interview, I think the technique to successfully through interview is “PREPARE”

I must to prepare myself to understand everything, and show myself confidently.


I pass the interview, the company decide let me do my practicum in their company.

If i didn’t learn the skills and experiences in class. I think I will mess out the interview.

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Drupal experience~

Today, I start to use drupal to develop my portfolio website. Drupal is easy to add module and theme to make my website powerful and beautiful. There are many great free web application that helps me to build dynamic feature rich and maintainable website in very short time.

I think it is very good chances for me to be a web designer or developers in drupal.


For the designers, I can download many different theme for free. Also drupal provides a space to me to design and decorate my own website.

For the Developers, drupal provides the solid base to extend and implement custom content management solutions to me. I can easily manage, update, and delete my content

so, I recommend Drupal for people that want to take advantage of some of the more flexible content management system. Drupal is not only for blogging, also learn the new application on website.

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